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Your Zodiac Sign May Have Changed — But Don't Panic Here the "new" dates for all 13 signs: Capricorn: January 20 - February 16 Aquarius: 14 Intimate Photos That Depict One Trans Woman's Rapidly Changing Life.
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Now One knows the layout of The Fields and where the goal posts are. G is the "God tone" that begins and ends the octave. Create The 3 Tone Galactic Signal Here is an online keyboard to hear this - click HERE. The Maya use clay flutes.


Also, intoned silently within. Once connected to the Galactic Heartbeat , the love works as a 'tractor beam' to tap one in. A way to visualize the 13 days, or any 13 unit Mayan cycle, are as an "energy field" and map it on a 3-D vortex donut shape. Vortex energy flow field "donut" diagram, for educational use. This explains how the energy field "reverses" as the path transits from and into the center area.

Click HERE to see more visual models of demensions. This Website Features:. Go Beyond the Basics. For the Moon at the P erigee point: the Moon's orbit is at its closest point to Earth; the Moon appears larger ; creates more stress. Around the P erigee point: plants branch - up to leaf - out ; the combined magnetic-and-gravitational-forces of the earth-moon-and-sun as they move closer-together increases-pressure forcing-expansion. Around the A pogee point : plants withdraw their energy inward to the roots ; the combined magnetic-gravitational forces of the earth-moon-and-sun subside, move apart, and decrease the pressure and stress.

For the Moon at ascending N orth node point: the Moon's orbit transits the equator of Earth, from the South to the N orth. For the Moon at descending S outh node point: the Moon orbit transits the equator of Earth, from the North to the S outh. For gardening applications, according to proven and ancient bio-dynamic gardening practices, the times of these four-Moon-positions signify a void and suggest a ceasation of all gardening activity. Loving Truth, "Peace on Earth" begins Universal Enhancement Spaceship Unit - spec page. The Mayan calendar has Four Seasons of 65 -days.

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Lord ahaw spirit. The four Seasons overlap and weave together consecutive day cycles, constantly refining dense matters into light souls. Four, All Dance as One. This calendar and map outlines the four-Season cycle: the lower scene is time-of-access to the Underworld ; the upper scene is time-of-access to the Heavens ; and the right and left scenes both are time-of-access between both the Heavens and the Underworld. For the Day numbers for ceremonies at the top-level of a Mayan temple:.

Mayan Day Keepers Day is celebrated in villages and towns with all-day festivals and ceremonies honoring newly initiated students who have learned to keep the correct 'count of days' on the Mayan calendar.

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  • As the name implies, "Day Keepers" keep the count of the days. Many cultures around the world notice and record the rising and setting patterns of the brightest light in the evening and early morning skies the planet, named-in-English: "Venus. The Olmec and Maya cultures of Mexico and the Guatemala highlands in Central America may have been the first to create a day Venus calendar , recognized today as the most accurate calendar in the world. The planet Venus rises in the East , in the early pre-dawn sky as the Morning Star or " Feathered Serpent " and is the third brightest - light in the sky after our Sun and Moon.

    Venus shines bright in the early morning pre-dawn Eastern skies as the Morning Star for -days or approximately 8-months. The Feathered Serpent days are days of of: peace , re birth , rebuilding and common unity. After 90 - days hidden behind the Sun, Venus is seen rising again after sunset in the West evening -sky. The Shadow Twin days are days of: ceremonial challenges and ceremonial conflict theater , or, if not dealt with in a high spiritual energy of integrity, real war and unexpected challenges , forced changes that break-up old patterns.

    Venus as the Evening Star becomes brighter and brighter as it moves towards Earth , closer and closer on its nearest approach to Earth every 1. Then, just as Venus is at its brightest right after sunset, it disappears for 8 -days. In Maya lore, the " Shadow Twin " has died. For 8 -days Venus moves across the front face of the Sun, hidden by the glare of the Sun, and directly between the Sun and the Earth.

    After 8 -days hidden , Venus reappears , reborn at dawn at the side of the Sun , at sunrise in the East dawn sky. In its new phase as the Morning Star , the Mayan " Feathered Serpent " is the brightest light before dawn for the next -days.

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    The Tides of Time. These rising and setting patterns of the planet Venus are repeated on-average every These Venus 'fly-by' patterns repeat exactly five -times every 8 - years , during five different months of the year. It is a VERY important rhythm. Indeed, it is a hythm that connects to the musical scale, a truly sacred rhythm pattern that holds the key to understanding the musical encoding of time in our solar system. If we could super speed-up time and watch the orbits of the planets around our Sun from high above our solar system, we would see that over every 8 -year-cycle of time Venus exactly aligns between the Sun and the Earth 5 -times, creating a spiraling 5-pointed star pattern around the Sun.

    A five-pointed star pattern is exactly the same kind of pattern design detected within the double-helix spiral blueprints of genetic DNA, in the cells of all living creatures on Earth.

    LIBRA Year of the RAT Yang-Metal Jan 2020 – Feb 2021 Horoscope Astrology Predictions

    The organs of the body are spaced a certain distance from the brain, and in the same way the 'organs' of our solar system, the Planets, are spaced a certain distance from the Sun. The key to the accuracy of the Maya calendar is that its based upon the exact rising and setting -dates of the planet-Venus, as was recorded within the ancient Mayan painted-paper sacred books; for Venus orbit creates a five-pointed star pattern orbit around our Sun.

    Mayan astronomers recorded the exact Mayan dates Venus appears-and-disappears in the sky over 8-year cycles of time. The most recent major date in the 8-year cycle for Venus rising as the Feathered Serpent and Morning - Star :. This website is a spiritual gift to the world and is a personal presentation of how to use a Mayan Calendar, containing the most recent material gathered from talks, classes, lectures and books of researcher Richard Alan Eagle.

    A respected Mayan-calendar specialist for 30 years, Richard is the most highly regarded student of the late DR. Al l Mayan dates on this website are from the exact accurate Guatemala high-lands Mayan calendar "count of days. Those familar with the research of DR. The biggest difference is DR. The Yucatan low-lands Mayan calendar miscount began hundreds of years ago and is no longer aligned with the rising and setting cycles of the planet Venus.

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    Time to switch-over to using the Guatemala high-lands calenda r, so get used to it. It was a challenge to " make the switch " at first, but Richard did in Richard designed and created handout charts combined with a 12 month January-December Gregorian calendar in for his first Mayan Calendar Guidebook edition, to help teach his first Mayan calendar workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In , Willard van de Bogart, a close friend of the-late DR. Read The Mayan Calendar Guidebook review in by:. Activities that would benefit from tending to details. In Libra , relationship issues, activities involving teamwork and cooperation, activities that involve self-examination, activities related to beauty.

    In Scorpio , taxes, accounting, intimacy issues, psychological examinations, research, self-examination, getting rid of old things. In Capricorn , long-term activities that yield slow but steady results, practical undertakings, career issues, making a business plan, practical investments. In Aquarius , unusual or radical undertakings, social pursuits, group projects, trying something new, joining a group.

    In Pisces , imaginative undertakings, mystical or spiritual pursuits, inner development, music and drama, going on a retreat, activities involving water. The condition of the Moon by sign, its first and last applying aspect, the phase of the Moon, and more can be used to predict where a relationship is headed. The Moon is Void of Course from the time that its last aspect is listed until the Moon enters a new sign. For Pacific Time, subtract 3 hours from the given times. For UT, add 5 hours.

    One can use the above void tables to discover these windows as follows:. The period from August 27, , at PM [when the Moon enters a new sign, in this case Leo], to August 28, , at PM [when the Moon forms its last major aspect before leaving the sign of Leo] would be considered a fairly flowing period for beginning new projects. There are a multitude of other considerations for electing good times to start things, but this is a fine way to do some narrowing down or to begin the process of weeding out.

    Void periods do not necessarily deny results but results can be more challenging to achieve during void Moon periods. The Moon phase is another important consideration for the timing of events. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology. The site is run by astrologer Annie Heese. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use found here.

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